Imperial Single Hung Window

single hung imperial
Single Hung windows open vertically without consuming much space. They are great options when exterior space is a concern. You do not need to go outside to wash the window. The best places to place them are walkways, porches and patios.
Single hung windows are typically the same as double hung windows however with a single hung window design only the bottom sash slides upward. Double hung windows allow for the sashes to slide both upward, and downward. Other than that single hung windows are identical to double hung windows and are widely available in the same sizes and shapes
Possible Combinations
Glass Options
LoE3 coating provides the ultimate in performance

Duraseal (Enviroseal) spacers

Cardinal glass, layered with 3 coats of silver, combined with Duraseal (Enviroseal) spacers using Warm-Edge Technology will give you the best results. This is possible because the two lights of glass restrict passage of radiant heat.
Lock Color
Rollers and Weep Hole

Value's revolutionary,
award-winning lock
with the simple one-
touch operation
comes standard.

Our new auto-lock
makes it easy to
secure your home
with an easy
single motion

Available in White and Almond
Fat: 3/4" or 5/8"
Sculpture: 1" or 5/8"
Patters includes: Colonial, Double-Praire and Marginal

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