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· AAMA/NWWDA: Meets or exceeds 101/I.S.2-97 specifications for R-20 rating.
· 3/4" Overall Insulated Glass with Intercept (TM) Warm Edge Technology.
· Frame Types: Nail-on, Block..
· Colors: White or Almond.
· Frame Depth 16 "at sides


Vinyl Greenhouse Windows - Series 445
Greenhouse Window

Exquisite Selections

Superior's Exquisite Selections products are designed with YOU in mind !

Beauty, reliability, durability, security and efficiency are built into every product so that you are not only pleased but proud of the SUPERIOR choice you've made.

Our vinyl greenhouse windows have WELDED corners for strength and durability. The vinyl extrusions are engineered with multi-chambering, providing structural rigidity and resistance to heat transfer for excellent ENERGY EFFICIENCY. All extrusions are chemically engineered to retain their natural color and beauty even in the most severe climates.  They are designed to guard against atmospheric pollutants, corrosion, rain  and the harshness of sunlight or winter freeze without flaking, peeling, rusting or swelling for enduring quality and beauty.  The appealing WHITE or ALMOND vinyl colors are molded throughout the extrusion, eliminating the need for touch-ups or repainting.

Greenhouse windows are the perfect way to INCREASE the VISUAL dimensions of your room and bring in the natural outdoor light.  The DEPTH of each greenhouse is 16'' and glazed with one SOLID FRONTLITE. Ventilation comes from the two single hung windows as SIDE VENTS.  The TOPLITE is state-of-the-art
Climate Shield (TM) High Performance Low e Glass.  The bottom pan is a unique,  5/16'' plywood LAMINATED between two sheets of aluminum for strength and insulation and finished to match the WHITE or ALMOND vinyl extrusions.

One 5.0mm TEMPERED  glass shelf is standard, and is made easily adjustable to any height through the use of an exclusive sliding shelf support bracket system.  The shelf is easily REMOVABLE or an Optional SECOND shelf can also be added.

Available with a large selection of Glass Options, including Climate Shield (TM) High Performance Low E, Tinted Glass and Vintage Elegance Polished V-Groove Cut Glass.  A wide variety of Grid Options are also available from Flat or Sculptured to the Golden Elegance system - in either a colonial or marginal pattern.

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SPECIAL SIZE vinyl greenhouse window for a particular opening'
Let us
guide (click here) you as to how to measure and order a special or custom size window.

Please note:  the CALLOUT/NOMINAL SIZE is the same as ROUGH OPENING SIZE - example: 3030 = 36'' x 36'' R.O.

Applicable Series Numbers: 445/450 Dual Glazed or 425/430 Single Glazed

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