Garden Windows

single hung
Garden windows are a great way to let the sun into any room. This window is a projecting, three-sided window that includes one shelf, a glass top and a single (double) hung window on each side for maximum air circulation. If you are already faced with a window replacement project, a garden window might just be the choice for you. Installing one can make a room appear more spacious and open. Garden windows are also constructed to be very energy efficient. With the bottom seat and shelf designed to hold a planter or flower pots, they are insulated to maintain a fairly even year-round temperature for your planters.
Glass Options
LoE3 coating provides the ultimate in performance

Duraseal (Enviroseal) spacers

Cardinal glass, layered with 3 coats of silver, combined with Duraseal (Enviroseal) spacers using Warm-Edge Technology will give you the best results. This is possible because the two lights of glass restrict passage of radiant heat.
Garden windows are made with precision
and carefulness. Our joints are designed to
give you maximum stability so that it can
withstand moderate weight and also look
seamless as well.
Single hung, double hung, casement, or
picture windows can be added to your
garden windows to further enhance air
circulation in your rooms. Don’t forget to
include screens to keep unwanted debris
from entering your rooms

Available in White and Almond
Fat: 3/4" or 5/8"
Sculpture: 1" or 5/8"
Patters includes: Colonial, Double-Praire and Marginal

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