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· AAMA/NWWDA: Meets or exceeds 101/I.S.2-97 specifications for LC-25 rating.
· 3/4" Overall Insulated Glass with Intercept (TM) Warm Edge Technology.
· Frame Types: Nail-on, Block, Block frame with Sloped Sill, Retrofit (PDF) .
· Deluxe Vinyl Windows meet and surpass California Model Building Security Ordinance for forced entry requirements.
· Frame Depth 2-3/4"

Deluxe Vinyl Windows - Series 8602
Fixed/Picture Window

In harsh winter weather, Superior's Climate Shield Technology lets you stay warm and cozy on the inside while keeping the chill where it's better suited... outdoors.
When the temperatures climb, you can stay cool and comfortable with Superior's Climate Shield Technology. This special technology provides a barrier against solar heat gain - deflecting the sun's rays and maintaining your home's comfortable interior climate.
CLIMATE SHIELD High Performance glazing systems incorporates Low-E² and the interceptT 'Warm Edge' spacer system, greatly reducing the chances of seal failure and condensation on the surface of the glass. During periods of extreme temperature changes, this high-tech spacer is able to flex with the expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes without loss of seal integrity.
Aluminum spacer used.
Condensation occuring
InterceptT spacer used.
Virtually Eliminating Condensation

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