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· AAMA/NWWDA: Meets or exceeds 101/I.S.2-97 specifications for LC-25 rating.
· 3/4" Overall Insulated Glass with Intercept (TM) Warm Edge Technology.
· Frame Types: Nail-on, Block, Block frame with Sloped Sill, Retrofit (PDF) .
· Deluxe Vinyl Windows meet and surpass California Model Building Security Ordinance for forced entry requirements.
· Frame Depth 2-3/4"

Deluxe Vinyl Windows - Series 8602
Fixed/Picture Window
Exquisite Selections

Our Exquisite Selections Deluxe Vinyl Window Series is beautifully beveled with clean, bold lines.  These handsome windows have slim sightline reveal for the largest area of unobstructed viewing.  The frame depth is 2-3/4" at base and 3" overall, with a sculptured frame design.

The ENERGY EFFICIENT dual glazed vinyl windows provide optimum year-round thermal efficiency for your indoor comfort.  We've combined HI-TECH ENGINEERING with SUPERB STYLING to give you a window as beautiful as it is durable.

Available with a large selection of Glass Options, including Climate Shield (TM)  High Performance Low E, Tinted Glass, Exclusive Design Leaded Glass and Vintage Elegance Polished V-Groove Cut Glass.  A wide variety of Grid Options are also available from Flat or Sculptured, to the 5/16" gold round polished Golden Elegance system - in either a colonial or marginal pattern.

Windows may be stacked (over and under) or mulled (side by side) with other vinyl windows using a unique "snap-together" adapter.  Other configurations may be achieved in a vertical or horizontal environment within one continuous perimeter frame, such as O/O or O/O/O which is recommended for the larger fixed/picture windows.  The fixed/picture window is manufactured with setting blocks that accommodate the glass and must be installed as indicated by the "this side up" label to avoid improper installation or mislocation of the weep holes.

The appealing WHITE or ALMOND vinyl colors are molded throughout the extrusion, eliminating the need for touch-ups or repainting.  The Deluxe Vinyl Window is available with a nail-on frame, a block frame, a block frame with sloped sill and a retrofit frame.

Applicable Series Numbers: 8602/8652/8657/8692

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