French Swing Door

sliding doors
French swing doors operate effortlessly with light weight vinyl material.
Complete the look with our color-coordinated interior and exterior door handles. Door may be locked or unlocked easily from inside by a flip-latch mechanism in the handle that engages a 2-point jamb lock. An anti-lift device is installed in the frame (handle) to prevent the sliding panel from being removed when the door is closed and locked
Possible Combinations

Glass Options
LoE3 coating provides the ultimate in performance

Duraseal (Enviroseal) spacers

Cardinal glass, layered with 3 coats of silver, combined with Duraseal (Enviroseal) spacers using Warm-Edge Technology will give you the best results. This is possible because the two lights of glass restrict passage of radiant heat.

Our new auto-lock makes it easy to secure your home with an easy single motion, garaunteed to lock every, single time.

Check out our unique design of the frame profile that guarantees the stability, energy effi ciency, aesthetics and easy installation. All profi les have been authorized through strict testing by certifi ed institutions, such as AAMA and NFRC, etc. We have block frame, nail-on frame and retrofi t frame listed below ready for your needs. Each frame profi le has its unique outlook that adds diff erent characteristic to your windows and doors, which you can check and select in the following pages.

Available in White and Almond
Fat: 3/4" or 5/8"
Sculpture: 1" or 5/8"
Patters includes: Colonial, Double-Praire and Marginal

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